ABM Partnership Empowers Madison County School System

Danielsville, GA

“If it wasn’t for ABM, there are some projects that would have taken us a much longer timeframe to complete. But through this relationship, we’ve been able to accomplish a lot of great things here in the Madison County school system, not only for the students, but for the staff as well.”

Amanda Wommack, Assistant Superintendent of Business Operations, Madison County Schools

Transforming Education and Facilities

Facilitating Success through Support Excellence

Madison County School system is a thriving community with great students, dedicated staff, and a supportive environment. Despite facing budget cuts and challenges caused by the pandemic, ABM proved to be an invaluable partner. By deferring lease payments and custodial expenses for two years, ABM enabled the school system to redirect those resources to other critical areas, particularly facility improvements. This allowed for timely completion of projects that would have otherwise been delayed. ABM's commitment to service was evident through their prompt and effective response to queries and concerns.

Through this partnership, the school system was able to finance facility and athletic upgrades without upfront costs or tax increases. Alongside significant energy and operational savings, ABM also provided exceptional customer service. The partnership extended to various aspects, such as HVAC enhancements, LED lighting installations, and stadium renovations, enabling the Madison County School system to substantially improve some of their finest facilities in the area. This achievement has instilled a sense of pride in both the school system and its students.

ABM's commitment to prioritizing the needs of school districts, with a focus on putting students first, has made a significant difference.




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