How ABM is helping the IFMA Foundation make FM a career of choice

Tustin, California

The Facility Management program changed my life…it opened a whole new world.

Elizabeth Zamora

Making a difference in the field of facility management

The average age of a Facility Management professional is 49. Many will soon retire, leaving their positions vacant. So how do we bridge the talent gap and bring young talent into our field?

ABM’s support of the IFMA Foundation’s Global Workforce Initiative is helping Facility Management emerge as a career of choice. This growth promises the possibility of 500,000 new job openings in the next five to ten years.

ABM stands poised to help close our industry’s talent gap and to offer meaningful, gainful employment to candidates who are interested in both driving operational efficiencies and developing people. One way we are doing that is by working with colleges and universities like Chaffee College to offer Facilities Management as a new degree program.

Watch this story of how one college student discovered her career path from internship to entry-level Facilities Management after a meaningful conversation with one of ABM’s senior leaders, Tony Piucci.



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