ABM Team Member rallies women in FM to learn self-defense

“I think companies like ABM that provide opportunities to empower women are amazing.”

Donna Wheeler

ABM Team Member rallies women in FM to learn self-defense

After a wave of violent assaults in her area, this team member figured out how to help.

ABM Team Member Allison Moredich, like other women in the Nashville area, was on edge when she heard about a string of attacks on women. But instead of being paralyzed by her understandable fear and anxiety, she put those feelings to work and came up with a proactive way to protect herself and others. With the support of her supervisor, she organized a free self-defense course for women in facility management.

She reached out to her facility management network, including ABM team members, ABM clients, and non-clients. Coverage of this course was even featured on the local news. By arming herself and others with the tools needed to protect themselves from violence, Allison was demonstrating an innovative and effective way to approach a terrifying problem. How can we all learn from Allison’s example of proactive problem solving?




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