An Emphasis on Disinfection for Impactful Guest Experiences

Los Angeles, CA

“I want them to feel safe that this venue is clean to their expectations or exceeding them. That allows them to dip into that imaginative world, which is the art that is on display.”

Rick Mitchell, Director of Facilities

An Emphasis on Disinfection for Impactful Guest Experiences

We believe that we can do better and achieve more when we work together and learn from our collective experiences.

The Broad Museum, a Los Angeles landmark, shut down operations on March 13th, 2020 in response to COVID-19 concerns. During the shutdown, the museum facility team banded together to disinfect the entire building and provide an environment that was ready and safe for reopening. In order for guests to fully immerse themselves in the exhibits, museum leadership placed an emphasis on increased employee cleaning visibility to ease visitor safety concerns. With guidance from ABM’s expert advisory council, the Broad Museum maintenance team was able to tackle pandemic safety backed by the highest level of expertise. After implementing ANSI-accredited disinfection programs like EnhancedClean and creating engaging employee training programs, the team’s hard work paid off. The commitment and fortitude demonstrated by frontline team members resulted in the museum reopening for limited attendance on May 26th, 2021, a highly anticipated achievement for museum visitors and team members alike. Throughout the pandemic, the maintenance team demonstrated that with a lot of determination (and a little heart) no challenge is too big to overcome.




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